Do you do blood testing?

Yes, we do over 1000 blood tests as well as stool, urine, allergy, and
specialized tests.

Do you do blood testing for both adults and children?

Yes, we test adults, post-surgical and bedridden clients, the elderly,
teenagers, young children and toddlers.

Do you do blood testing in the home or office?

Yes, we come to a client’s home or office. Whichever is more convenient for our

Can I also come to your clinic for testing?

Yes, you can come to our clinic and scheduling an appointment will ensure that you are in and out. Cura Santé staff are committed to providing a personalized
and knowledgeable service to each of our clients.

Do I need to prepare for a blood test?

Depending on your doctor’s requisition, you may need to fast for 12 to 14 hours.
Fasting will also influence the time you schedule your appointment; early
morning being preferable for most persons.

Urine tests may require that you use a sterile container to collect an early
morning mid-stream sample. For specialized tests, the appropriate preparation will be explained to you by your doctor or our health care professionals.

How many vials of blood can I expect to be taken from me?

As many as 25 routine tests can be done with 1 to 3 vials, each holding 4 to 5 ml of blood.

What are the advantages of using our service instead of having tests done free at a hospital?

No delay; no long lines. Personalized, competent, professional service;
expedited results.

How soon can I expect my results?

Most results are sent the same day or within 24 hours. In the case of an
emergency, we can forward your results to your physician within 24 hours.

Do I need a prescription from a doctor prior to coming for a blood test?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a requisition from your physician.

Are your services ever covered by Medicare?

Cura Santé services are not reimbursable from the RAMQ ( La régie d’assurance
maladie du Québec). However, most insurance companies do cover the cost from
between 80%-100%.

Will my insurance company reimburse me for the tests performed at Cura Santé?

Most private insurance plans reimburse our laboratory fees from 80% to 100%.
Cura Santé provides all of the patients with official receipts so that they can
claim the fees back from their insurance.

Can the results be sent to my doctor?

Your lab test results will be sent automatically to your doctor so that he can
analyze them and discuss the results with you.

Can I get an appointment quickly?

There are usually no wait times in our lab to get an appointment. Same-day
appointments are most of the time possible.

Is there any preparation for a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring?

Minimal preparation is necessary. We suggest wearing comfortable clothing with
easy access to your upper arms and showering before the test as you cannot
shower with the machine on.

Is there any preparation for a holter monitor?

Bring a list of all of your medications to your appointment and wear comfortable clothing. If you are a man with a hairy chest, you may opt to shave in advance.
Do not put any lotion on your chest before the installation.

How can I get the CardioSTAT test?

The device records the electrical activity related to your heartbeat during the
whole time it is worn. Once the recording period has been completed, the device
must be returned by mail to the analysis center. A specialized technologist will
analyze the recorded data and provide a report to a physician who will be
responsible for interpreting the results. These will be communicated to you by
your prescribing physician.

How can I get a CardioSTAT recorder installed?

You must have a doctor’s prescription for a CardioSTAT test. You must call us so
we can order the device according to the length of time the doctor is requesting
it worn. We will schedule the installation at our clinic.

How should I prepare for the CardioSTAT test?

Do not apply lotion or cream on the torso. Wear a garment that facilitates access
to the torso (for example, a shirt). Bring your list of medications.

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