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Home Blood Taking

Cura Santé at home blood taking service

Cura Santé at home blood taking service takes the inconvenience, wait and worry out of medical testing! Our at home health services offers remote blood work and medical test services without the hassle of leaving your home or office. All you need is a requisition.

With Cura Santé at home blood taking service, all you need is a requisition from your health care professional to have all of your medical testing performed in the comfort of your home or office. Just call us at 514-824-2872 to schedule an appointment.

Prompt service-no waiting!

At your appointment, our friendly and experienced nurse will ensure that your
tests are performed promptly and comfortably so that you can get back to your
daily routine with minimal disruption.
Fast results

Cura Sante ensures that all specimens are safely collected and securely transported to our private labs. And most results are back within 24 hours! All test results are forwarded to your health care professional by fax, e-mail,
and/or regular mail. You may also request as many additional copies as you need.

Safety. Comfort. Convenience: Cura Sante’s home blood taking service. To
schedule an appointment, please call us at 514-824-2872 or e-mail us at

Home Blood Taking -

Located in Notre Dame de Grace

Conveniently located 2 blocks from the 90 bus stop & Vendome Metro

Home Blood Taking -

CuraSante has been providing reliable, safe testing for a variety of blood pathogens. CuraSante is a private clinic in N.D.G two blocks away from the NEW Glen Hostipal near Vendome metro. Coming by car or public transportation is a breeze, as we are located right off the 15 highway and right next to Vendome metro.

Serving the greater Montreal region for more than 5 years, you can rely on CuraSante to produce reliable and accurate results every time. For more information on booking an appointment please contact us, a friendly and couteouse associate will assist you. Call Today:514-824-2872

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